James Mills | About

How I became an English Landscape and woodland photographer?

Hello to everyone who stumbles upon my website. My name is James Mills, and I am a semi-professional and scape photographer based in the Peak District, England I used to go mountain biking through some of the enchanting trails and English woodlands in the Peak District. Becoming a serious landscape and nature photographer never crossed my mind, until, one day I grasped that my skills have improved and I started using my camera abilities to the fullest.

Peak District – my starting point

The Peak District is a perfect place for a landscape photographer. The varied scenery, mystique and picturesque woodlands combined with the frequent fogginess of the English weather effortlessly create the magical atmosphere that your camera just wants to capture. I also take photographs of landscapes and nature not only in England but also in other countries like Portugal and East Africa.

Seeing the world through the camera lens

Sharing my perception of the world through the camera lens is the main point of my art. I strive to make people observe and appreciate surrounding nature and its immense beauty. A professional camera catches and transfers what only my eyes can see to others: how fog sets it, how the sun goes up, how perfectly the mountains are shaped, how tree branches grow out to touch the sunrays etc.

Also, I fell have only just started my personal photographer’s path; my goal is to continue experimenting with photography, apply different techniques that new technology is making possible. I want to bring out the extraordinary power of nature and present it to the world. If you are interested in my work or exhibiting it, please contact me via telephone: +44 07909511515