Eddie Sherwood(non-registered)
Just had an enjoyable time admiring your woodland pictures, having read your article in Outdoor Photography. I live in Sheffield so spend a lot of time in the Peak District. Perhaps it's in my name, as I really want to develop my 'wood' compositions! If I can get near to your standard, I will be happy.
Best wishes in your photography journey, James.
Cindy Thompson
I am entranced by your stunning photos! They make me want to move to England, find a cottage to live in and go out to photograph and take in the scenery daily! Thank you so much for sharing them online. I would love to purchase several of your prints.
Karen Tarutis(non-registered)
Absolutely breathtaking. I wish I could go to all those places
Brian Wilson(non-registered)
Love your woodland photographs.
Very nice picture
Dominique Janssens(non-registered)
nice pictures ! :)
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